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School Life

Webber Academy
Webber Academy

School Life

Webber Academy
Webber Academy

The Webber Academy Science Centre accommodates all high school science classes with a student collaboration room and five laboratory classrooms.


Science Centre 3

High School

Biology 20 heart dissection laboratory with Mr. Rose.

 The Designer Genes Club students purify recombinant plasmids containing a plant housekeeping gene.

 Kindercentre and Elementary Science Centre Visits


Science Centre 3

Junior Kindergarten students learning about water transport in plants by colouring white carnations.

 SK Science Visit

Senior Kindergarten students exploring acids and bases using cabbage juice.

  Grade 1 Visit

Grade 1 students discovering the difference between paint colours and light colours.

    Grade 2 Visit

Grade 2 students observe different insects under the stereomicroscope.

   Grade 3 Visit

Grade 3 students testing the properties of calcium carbonate as a mineral present in some types of rocks.

   Grade 4 Visit

Grade 4 students having fun experimenting with light using mirrors, lenses and prisms.

   Science Centre 4

Grade 5 students testing acids and bases with different pH indicators.