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Webber Academy
Webber Academy


Webber Academy
Webber Academy
  • Denise Austin-Jacobs

    Aftercare Child Development Supervisor

  • Holly Blake B.A. (Hon.); B.Ed

    Director of Admissions

  • Rhonda Burke CPA, CGA

    Director of Finance

  • Corrie Chalifoux  B.Ed.

    Head of Elementary School

  • Joël Chalifoux B.Ed., CCAA

    Director of Athletics and Physical Education

  • Christina Clouston B.Sc (Hon.), PGCE, NPQH

    Head of Senior School

  • Jim Cummings

    Theatre Manager

  • Janette Dias

    Accounting Assistant

  • Russ Dickson

    Facilities Manager

  • Linda Dudar

    Senior School Student Services Coordinator

  • Corri Esposito

    Office Manager and Executive Assistant

  • Beatriz Garcia-Diaz B.Sc., Ph.D.

    Senior School Lab Coordinator

  • Lisa Graham

    Administrative Assistant

  • Vicki Grenier

    Admissions Assistant

  • Janice Kriston

    Accounting Assistant

  • Lawrence Kung

    IT Support

  • Roy Lee

    IT Manager

  • Thuy Le Luong

    Executive Chef


  • Cameron McLachlan, BBA

    Director of Athletic Park

  • Tracey Mills M.A. (Hon.), PGCE

    Assistant Librarian

  • Jennifer Parker B.Ed., B.Sc (Hon.)

    Academic and Career Counsellor

  • Tara-Anne Powell

    Registered Psychologist

  • Colin Redekop B.A., BCM, MCM, MMus.

    Administrative Assistant

  • Leanne Shirtliffe B.A. (Hon.), B.Ed.

    Academic and Career Counsellor

  • Jemmie Silver B.A., B.Ed.

    Director of Library Services

  • Barbara Webber

    Vice President Administration

  • Julia Webber B.F.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

    Director of Student Affairs

  • Lorne Webber

    Chairman and Head of Advancement and Communications

  • Neil Webber B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A. Ph.D

    President and Head of School

  • Wendy Yip

    Communications Coordinator