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Webber Academy prepares students "to thrive in university and beyond." As such, when screening applicants, the school is seeking children who are demonstrating levels of potential, performance, and character that likely match this end. Experience has shown that students who do not meet certain standards in these areas are not successful at our school, even though there may have been past successes in other less intense learning environments. 

Senior Kindergarten

Applicants to Senior Kindergarten will complete a Webber Academy assessment booklet.  The booklet comprises a series of work sheets that focus on early literacy, early numeracy, and fine motor skills. The SK assessments take place in late January for those with complete application checklists.

Grades 1-5

Grade 1-5 applicants with strong report cards will be invited for admissions testing. They will complete one of our in-house assessment packs, which focus on skills and ability in English (reading comprehension and writing) and Math.   


Admissions Testing Start Date

(subject to space availabilty) 

 5 March
 4 March
 3  March
 2  March
 1  April

 Please update your checklist with a current report card for this school year once you receive it.

Grades 6-12

SSAT testing is required for all students applying to grade 6-12

Students can complete the SSAT in one of the following ways:



We recommend completing your SSAT testing by the end of March 2023. When signing up for the SSAT, please add Webber Academy as a recipient of your scores.  

There are many SSAT test dates available across Calgary from October 2022 through to February 2023. Webber Academy will be running SSATs, dates of which are to be confirmed.