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Junior Kindergarten Programme

Webber Academy offers a full-day or half-day Junior Kindergarten programme for students who are developmentally ready for schooling. Students in this programme must turn four years of age by December 31st of the school year that they commence. The programme runs daily, similar to our regular school programme.  Students in the Junior Kindergarten programme spend a great deal of time in readiness activities, which include the following:
  • Identifying colours and shapes
  • Listening to stories and learning to appreciate books
  • Drawing, printing and colouring
  • Singing songs and developing pitch
  • Reciting the alphabet
  • Beginning to recognize and print upper case letters
  • Learning basic phonics
  • Recognizing and printing numerals from 1-20
  • Recognizing and printing own name
  • Distinguishing sets of more, less, same
  • Storytelling
  • Demonstrating left to right progression
  • Repeating and creating rhythmic patterns
  • Understanding sequence
  • Reciting poetry
Most importantly, students at the Junior Kindergarten level develop an appreciation and love of learning!

Senior Kindergarten Programme

The Senior Kindergarten programme is a full day programme offered for students who are 5 years of age by December 31st of the school year that they commence. In addition to current Kindergarten programmes that run in many schools, where thematic centres are an integral part of the programme, students at Webber Academy also spend a great deal of time in activities which will prepare them for Grade One. By the end of the Senior Kindergarten year, the programme activities will have included:
  • Printing top-bottom, left-right
  • Reading for pleasure and showing an interest in books
  • Reading own printing in books
  • Classifying and sorting
  • Knowing letter sound relationships of all single letters
  • Collecting, displaying, and analyzing data
  • Identifying and printing numbers from 1-100
  • Recognizing basic sight vocabulary of high frequency words
  • Estimating and comparing frequency words
  • Demonstrating an understanding of a proficiency with calculations
  • Reading books with confidence and with a degree of independence
  • Choosing and employing appropriate operations to solve problems
  • Sequencing, matching, and understanding of and proficiency with calculations
  • Recognizing and using patterns in a variety of situations
  • Writing journal entries, stories using inventive spelling
  • Recognizing and printing upper and lower case letters
Please note that at the end of the Senior Kindergarten year, all students are assessed for suitability for the Webber Academy Grade One programme. Subsequent to this assessment, successful students are offered placements for the following school year.
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