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In preparing our students for university and beyond, it is our intent to offer students a range of options covering all disciplines. Our programmes are designed, so that upon entering Grade 11, students have had exposure to all disciplines and can make an informed choice when selecting courses for university entrance. Career counselling is provided by the school and the process begins in Grade 10.

The core programme, beginning in Grade 7, includes English, Mathematics, Science, Geography/History, and Physical Education. From Grades 7 to 9, students must choose two out of the five following subjects (one selection must be a language): Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Music (Band) and Computers. Grade 7 students take both Drama and Art. Grade 8 and 9 students choose either Drama or Art. 

In Senior High School, a student's choice of course work is based on post-secondary requirements, and the pursuit of academic strengths and personal interests. Webber Academy has instituted the internationally recognized Advanced Placement Programme (AP). This curriculum provides students with courses enriched beyond the provincial requirements, and university credits may be earned. 

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