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Webber Academy
Webber Academy

Coaching Staff

  • Jr. High Badminton - Mrs. Prendergast, Mrs. Ma, Ms. Dunnet
  • Sr. High Badminton - Mr. J. Chalifoux, Mrs. Sun, Mrs. Webber


 Jr. High

Congratulations to all our junior high athletes on a great season especially the following athletes who placed in the top four at the CISAA Championships! 
Grade 7
Hannah Poulos- Gold
Amani Ahmed & Chisom Aladi- Bronze
Grace Awotundun & Alexander Tam- Bronze

Grade 8
Andrew Arnold & Ken Kont- Bronze
Alan Xian- Fourth

Grade 9
Haoyun Dong- Gold
Jerry Li & Cassie Symons- Gold
Marissa McClay- Bronze


 Sr. High

Congratulations to all of our senior varsity badminton players who participated in the CISAA Championships! Every athlete demonstrated amazing teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the event. Our Webber Academy team is proud to have placed second overall in this incredibly tough competition.

Special congratulations goes out to the following athletes who placed in the  top four: 


Grade 10

Ashley Truesdale- Silver 

Jason Nguyen & Nikhil BalasubramanyamSilver

Walid Al Khalidi and Elias Tetreault- Fourth


Grade 11

Emma Hu- Fourth

Christian Pili and Mackenzie Mar- Gold

Chubi Aladi and Darpal Patel- Gold

Jaden Koon and Tariq Poole- Silver

Nikarika Sudhakar and Fiza Rajput- Bronze


Grade 12

Brandon Chen- Gold

Divya Goel-Silver

Emily Bao and Stephanie Wu- Bronze

Jason Kwan- Bronze

Mackenzie Gilewicz and Yi Fei Xu- Bronze

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