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Webber Academy
Webber Academy


Webber Academy
Webber Academy
  • Mike Asmus

    Senior School Physical education

  • Jason Baillie

    Junior High Physical Education

  • Diego Bechthold

    Junior High Band

  • Carla Bonderud

    Senior High Geography/History

  • Ramona Boyle

    Senior High Geography/History

  • Eric Campbell

    Senior School Math and Computing

  • Sherely Chau

    Junior High English Teacher

  • Hannah Churchill–Schmidt

    Senior School English

  • Patrica Conway

    Senior School English

  • Deepika Dalal

    Senior School Computer/Information Technology

  • Kasia Noworyta-Fridman

    Senior school Spanish

  • Bogusia Gierus

    Senior High Physics and Science

  • Bridey Harris

    Junior High Geography/History

  • Ingrid Harrison

    Senior High English Teacher

  • Erica Hutchison

    Senior School Physical Education

  • David Kha

    Senior School Science

  • Michelle Lu  B.A., M.A.

    Senior School Mandarin

  • Joyce Ma  B.Ed., B.A.

    Senior School Mandarin

  • Anna Marie Martin

    Senior School French

  • Megan Moggach

    Senior High Mathematics and Physics

  • Janis Nett

    Junior High English Teacher

  • Jay Niven

    Senior High Mathematics

  • Jennifer Parker

    Senior High Chemistry

  • Colson Paske

    Senior School English

  • Sunali Patel

    Junior High Science

  • Amy Pfaff

    Junior High and Senior High Art

  • David Rose

    Senior High Biology, Chemistry and Science

  • Sherry Sanatkaran

    Senior School Mathematics

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    Senior School Science

  • Leanne Shirtliffe

    Senior High English

  • Azadeh Shirzadi

    Senior High Chemistry and Biology

  • Jolie MacPhee

    Junior High Spanish

  • Samantha Standring

    Senior School French

  • Erika Stewart

    Senior School Geography/History

  • Kelsey Stevenson

    Junior High Geography/History and Computer Applications

  • Jie Sun  B.Ed., M.Ed.

    Senior School Mandarin

  • Sabrina Sutton

    Senior School Mathematics

  • Yves Trudell

    Junior High Mathematics

  • Aisha Ward

    Senior School Drama

  • Julia Webber

    Junior High Drama and English

  • Dylan Wiest

    Senior High Band

  • Maria Vasquez  B.A., M.A.

    Senior School Spanish

  • Cecilia Vega-Enfante

    Senior School Mathematics

  • Shane Ziemmer

    Senior High Biology, Chemistry, Science and Robotics