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The admissions process helps prospective students and their families become more familiar with Webber Academy, and assists the school in learning more about an applicant. The nurturing, energetic environment at Webber Academy is such that: bright students who are keen to accept the challenge of an enriched academic programme, have a positive attitude, are eager to work collaboratively with others in a wide variety of activities, and develop a strong sense of citizenship, will thrive in the Webber community.

The main goal of Webber Academy is to prepare students for educational opportunities in high-calibre post-secondary institutions, as well as for leadership roles in greater society. The objective when considering a student’s application is to determine whether or not the individual possesses the academic potential and personal motivation to meet these expectations. During the admissions process, all students from Grade 1 on are expected to write entrance tests. It is our aim to ensure that all new students will not only rise to the academic challenges of our school, but also flourish and experience success and happiness in our programme.

In determining a candidate’s admissibility, the Director of Admissions will consider a student’s past academic record, aptitude and behaviour, citizenship qualities, and extra-curricular interests. Application, entrance exam and/or recent psycho-educational assessment are required before a decision will be made. Our admissions team may request a personal interview, classroom visit and permission to contact a candidate's current school to help us reach a complete assessment. Generally, applicants have to receive test scores in the 75th percentile or better in all areas. Siblings of existing students are given preference over other candidates as long as they meet the entrance requirements.


International Applications:

We welcome international applications to all grades from JK to 12.  The application process is the same as described above.  Depending on residency / visa status, international students maybe subject to an additional tuition charge - please see the section on 'Fee Structure' under Admissions.   

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Mr.  Paul Sutherland B.Soc.Sc.,PGCE
Director of Admissions
Ext. 225
Mrs. Vicki Grenier
Admissions Assistant 
Ext. 340



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